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Bikecarmovers.com, provides the best moving solution for your bike and car moving services in Pathankot and across the country to use an accredited & verified network. either you are looking for shared car moving or an exclusive "car carrier" for your beloved car, "Now you have to decide! A car is more than just a vehicle for people. Whether it is your first or any other, it is always significant and holds sentimental value.
You are moving with your automobile to another state from Pathankot but are worried about your beloved vehicle? Worry not! If you are shifting/relocating/moving to/from Pathankot and have to shift your bike & car transportation you have reached the right place
Current Scenario in the market: -
Nowadays, people become prey to the companies that promise to shift the vehicles at a lower cost later, either the vehicle (bike & Car) has suffered damages or the customers don't ever find their vehicles as per the complaints that are seen on media platforms.
Bike & car transport from Pathankot to across the country is made easy and simple now. Get help from "Team KRPL", verified and accredited bike and car movers from 'MFI' in Pathankot. Book highly trusted bike & car transportation services, which can offer you affordable car shipping, safe packing, the best warehouse, and a closed container facility for car transportation. Here you can find car transportation charges, free shifting/moving quotes, ratings, and reviews, hiring tips, etc., Enquire now, sit back and relax, enjoy the hassle-free car carrier service.
At, KRPL Xpress Trucking is in the business of bike & car transportation since 1997. Following the guidelines given below to ensure safe and secure transportation of your automobile.
  • An inventory will be performed before movement, and you and your representative must be present for the inspection. You will be required to sign both the bill of landing and the automobile condition reports both at the time of pick-up and delivery. It is in your interest that you be at this inspection yourself.
  • The automobile needs to be clean so that, the physical inventory can be performed thoroughly on the day of movement.
  • The automobile should be free from any fluid leaks.
  • Ensure you have a complete set of keys available to hand over on the day of movement.
  • All personal belongings need to be removed from the car before its dispatch.
  • The company may also refuse to accept your vehicle if there are any personal items left inside. If there is any loss or damage to these items or your vehicle as a result of these items being in the vehicle, the company shall not be held liable. Of course, all standard Accessories/tools that are kept in the boot of any car are accepted. Hazardous materials can not be transported along with the car.
  • The alarm system in your vehicle must be disabled or disconnected. As a general rule, prepare to have less than a quarter tank of petrol/diesel/gas in your car on the day of moving.
  • All antennas must be removed or fully retracted.
  • The music system front panel needs to be removed.
  • Movers are not responsible for any mechanical fault in your vehicle.
As part of our top-notch service, Team KRPL, the Indian territory areas' most reputable local, domestic and international moves, we are proud to offer many free services to our corporate clients, which may include:
  • In House / Office Estimates.
  • Personal Moving coordinator.
  • Free Warehousing Facility for 15 - 30 days.
  • Free Departure & Arrivals Services.
  • Free help in Home search services.
  • Team Krishna Alerts.
  • Live Tracking.
And finally, we do not charge additional for moving large, halting charges, or priceless items such as pianos, refrigerators, computers, or antiques. To serve you better, we possess the most modern, up-to-date, and state-of-the-art equipment. Our fleets are late-model vehicles and are kept clean and well-maintained, thus limiting delays due to mechanical breakdown, and improper equipment. At KRPL Xpress Trucking, we understand that on-time pick-up and prompt delivery are keys to a successful and satisfactory move.

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